Available granulometry:
  • The arid crushed 0/2, obtained by grinding the rocks, has a similar to that of a fine grain sand. The particle diameter ranging from 80 microns to 2 mm. This powder is cheaper. Its action is slow and suitable for treatment and lasting bottom-law or microbial activation is intense. It is also used to aerate lands.
  • The micronised flour basalt or basalt, is obtained by milling which reduces the rock flour. Its particle size is 90% between 1 micron and 80 microns. Its small size allows it to rapidly decompose by microorganisms and physico-chemical factors. It is used to structure and sandy soils where rapid action is desired. This grain is suitable for foliar dusting, treating animals and slurry beds. The joint use with the arid ground to get the benefits of both grain sizes.

The rock flour production is very simple, it is the result of grinding natural rocks that have previously been tested in laboratories to meet their mineral load. Incorporating the ground stone material has become a basic need to return to earth minerals.

Benefits of Rock Flour:

1. Increased number and quality of production
2. Reconstruction and soil improvement
3. Value of new fertilizer
4. Growing plants balanced.
5. Contribution gradual nutrient
6. PH Rebalancing
7. Increased activity of microorganisms and earthworms
8. Control of soil erosion

Doses to employ:

150 gr a 300 gr per square meter